How Do Trees Interact With Their Environments

trees interact with neighborhoodHow do trees interacting with their environment affect communities? Do you ever wonder why neighborhoods with plenty of mature trees seem, well, nicer? According to research done on how trees impact their environments, the answer is: because they are.

That seems simple, but the presence of trees have so many benefits to people and the environment. We have previously discussed how trees benefit urban neighborhoods, decreasing pollution and water runoff, but did you realize that they also decrease noise pollution, moderate heat and cold, and help people to relax and learn? That’s right, trees actually increase comfort. People literally feel better when there are trees around.

One federal project done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service highlighted the results of several studies done linking the presence of trees to improved physical and mental health in people and communities. For instance:

  • Researchers found that in urban environments the ability to view trees and nature helped reduce stress in people.

  • Another study found that hospital patients who had a view of a grove of trees healed faster, had fewer complications, and required fewer painkillers than patients who could only see a brick wall while they were recuperating.

  • Children with ADHD were found to be more able to concentrate, complete tasks, and follow directions after they had been playing in a natural setting with trees and greenery. The more natural the setting, the better they responded.

  • Study after study found that exposure to nature calmed people down and enabled them to do their tasks better, whether they were drivers who commuted on tree-lined highways or college students who had a view of the green from their dorm windows.

Most people do not need studies to tell them that they feel better in greener surroundings. They just know that when they’re outside among trees and nature they feel calmer and better focused. It’s why so many people go camping or hiking on their vacations or garden in their spare time. They crave the comfort that only nature can give.

This is why, if you’re a homeowner, one of the best things that you can do for both your own health and your property’s value is to plant trees and take care of the trees on your property. Properly maintained, trees will live for decades and will improve the lives of countless people who live, work, drive, and walk through your neighborhood.

We at Chop understand how to care for trees to make them as beautiful and healthy as they can be. This means protecting them from pests, trimming them when necessary, and removing sick trees so they can’t infect other trees around them. If you have any questions about the well being of your trees, do not hesitate to call us. There is no job too large or too small for our team of trained arborists.