How Do Trees Interact With Their Environments

How do trees interacting with their environment affect communities? Do you ever wonder why neighborhoods with plenty of mature trees seem, well, nicer? According to research done on how trees impact their environments, the answer is: because they are. That seems simple, but the presence of trees have so many benefits to people and the ... More

What Is An Arborist?

Last time we discussed some of the many situations in which it is safest and best to consult a professional tree service company to fix a tree-related problem. Not all tree service professionals are certified arborists, however, and often people do not understand the difference, so we thought we would explain what an arborist does ... More

3 Reasons to Leave Tree Work to the Professionals

Tree work may look simple. It’s not. While it may seem straightforward to trim or cut down a tree with some sharp implement, in reality, particularly with bigger jobs, it has all the potential for disaster. If something goes wrong, the negative potential outcomes include broken bones or other injuries, medical bills, damaged ... More

How Can We Eradicate The Hemlock Bug?

Like many other pests and parasites that have devastated plant populations in North America and worldwide, the hemlock woolly adelgid did not originate in Michigan, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not our problem. If left unaddressed, it’s very possible that the hemlock bug could devastate the hemlock tree population here as it ... More

What Are The Current Threats To Urban Trees?

Many people take trees for granted, but they add so much value and beauty to their surroundings, whether rural or urban. A neighborhood with established trees is much more welcoming and feels far more settled than a new subdivision on cleared land. People who plant trees in their communities report feeling more invested in them and ... More

Why Oak Wilt Disease Is An Issue And Common Precautions

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources would like residents in state to watch for any appearance of oak wilt in their trees from April 15 to July 15. Red oak trees are at risk then because oak wilt can be transmitted from diseased to healthy trees during this period of time. The disease is carried by sap-feeding beetles who ... More

How To Handle Beech Bark Disease

Yet another threat to West Michigan's forests and trees is emerging in our area. Beech bark disease results from the relationship between an insect (beech scale) and a combination of species of fungi. Beech scale is an insect that feeds on the sap from the inner bark of a tree's trunk and branches. Though the scales themselves don't ... More

Which Trees Keep Their Leaves During The Winter?

In late winter, the sky is often gray, and the skyline is a stark outline of bare trees - except for a few trees that keep their leaves during the winter, long after raking and bagging season is over. Have you ever wondered why some of these trees keep their leaves, and why others do not? It's called marcescence, from the Latin ... More

Preventing Girdling Injury To Your Trees And Bushes

The heavy and persistent snows of winter during 2013 and 2014 meant that animals who otherwise would have found alternate sources of food turned to trees and bushes for sustenance instead. This kind of plant injury is called girdling, and you may find several patterns of it throughout your landscaping depending on several factors. ... More

Should You Prune Your Trees During The Fall Season?

Many people have questions about pruning and the best time for pruning the trees on their property. Is fall a good time for pruning? It would seem so - you’re already busy trimming back perennials and otherwise tidying your landscape in preparation for winter. Why not trim the trees too? The answer is: do not trim your trees in ... More