Changing Our Integrated Pest Management Program to Address Spruce Disease

spruce diseaseOur certified arborists at Chop have noticed several outbreaks of spruce disease on the properties we manage, so we have changed our integrated pest management program to address these new concerns.  The diseases we are seeing now are several kinds of needle cast, needle rust and cytospora canker. These diseases cause spruce discoloration, needle drop, and, in the case of cytospora canker, significant amounts of pitchy sap on branch unions and occasional golden spore tendrils. Local seasonal weather conditions and the life cycle of each pest determine our strategies for managing these trees.  Currently we are adding two timed fungus sprays in the spring to deter and protect the trees from fungus-borne diseases. The treatments will go far in protect trees from fungal attack. In the past we have sprayed Austrian pines for disease problems but typically did not see a lot of disease issues in healthy spruce.

A great IPM program goal is to promote plant health using all the available tools including pruning, spraying, fungicide application, and mulching. In this case carefully timed preventive sprays will help the trees stay healthy. If you have any concerns about the condition of your spruce trees, or of any of your trees, call CHOP in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We will work with you to save your trees from the pests that would destroy them.