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What The Customers Say

"Chop is one of the only tree services that was responsive during the quote process. They showed up when they said they would to quote and to do the work. After having so many companies tell us they would come out and not show up, I was really appreciative of that!"
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Josephine Leader
"We had a tree removed and a giant branch removed that was hanging over the garage. I can't say enough good about this company. Doug came and gave us advice on what to remove, how to proceed and gave us an estimate. The crew arrived on time, was courteous, efficient, fast but cautious, and cleaned everything up. Highly recommend this company!"
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Peggy Dekker

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Why Tree Removal?

Dead and dying trees aren’t merely eyesores; they’re genuine hazards that can cause serious injuries. Roots growing in inconvenient places can cause extensive damage to paved areas or building foundations. Likewise, trees can become infected with disease that substantially lowers the value of your landscape. Whether you need to avoid these problems or just clear an area, CHOP performs tree removal more effectively than any other tree service company in Michigan.

Along with tree trimming, tree removal is one of our most requested tree services. Our team decides how to best go about the tree removal process on a case-by-case basis, depending on what the client needs. We also provide stump grinding services in order to make way for new plantings, resulting in the most comprehensive tree removal service offered in Michigan.

Our Tree Removal Process

  • Request A Quote From Chop

    Use our quote form above to let us know your needs.

  • Our Experts Visit Your Location

    An ISA certified arborist will assess your situation.

  • We Issue An Accurate Quote Fast

    Quotes based off of time and severity of job.

  • Our Crew Gets To Work

    We take care of the job in a timely, professional manner.

  • We Leave Without A Trace

    All ground clearings and debris removed from premisis.

Our Tree Removal Service Area

Methods Of Tree Removal

Complete tree removal is our most comprehensive service offered. Complete tree removal is necessary on several occasions. Over time trees can become so overgrown they become more of an eye-sore than an aesthetic. Maybe your tree poses a risk to your property as it hangs over a house or barn. Other times trees can become infected with disease that greatly lowers your landscape value as a whole.

Felling Technique

Entire tree is angled and dropped using a chainsaw and wedges.

tree felling technique

Bucket Truck

Arborist uses bucket truck to dismantle tree.

Tree Removal Bucket Truck

Tree Ascent

Our skilled arborist climbs and cuts tree down from top to bottom.

tree removal ascent

Speed Line Rigging

Arborist technique using speedline rigging gear.

speed line tree removal

Limb Walking

Arborist leverages up tree using a harness to reach difficult spots.

limb walking tree removal

Excavator Tractor

Big trees require big power.

excavator tree removal

What To Consider When Choosing Tree Removal

  • Certified With Credentials

  • Proper Training

  • Fully Licensed 

  • Insured

  • Ask For Referrals

  • Proper Estimates

“At Chop, we understand your concerns you may have
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