Grand Rapids Tree Service

Chop provides affordable and professional tree removal and pruning services to the greater Grand Rapids area. Our tree service specialists are highly qualified and trained in safety procedures. They will trim and remove your trees without risk of damage to you or your home. Why expose yourself to the risk of injury by attempting tree pruning or tree removal alone. In Michigan, there have been far too many reports of injuries and deaths when individuals with little or no experience try to remove or prune a tree. Chainsaws can be extremely dangerous, and you risk falling out of the tree or ladder you are working on. Plus, improperly cut trees can crash onto the property you are trying to protect. Chop is licensed and insured to prune and remove your trees safely and without risk to yourself and your property.

Whether you need a tree removed for new construction, property maintenance, or weather damage, let the experienced team from Chop take care of all of your tree service needs.

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