Tree Removal Services in Grand Rapids, MI

I currently have two tree stumps that have hijacked my otherwise beautiful lawn. Of course they started out looking like beautiful trees, but when their services and aesthetics weren’t needed anymore, and my husband cut them down, while their ugly lower, and more stubborn, halves were left to rot. However, tree stumps don’t really rot away; in fact, they are quite resilient. In one case, the stump has even started sprouting back to life. It got to the point where I went and bought stump killer at Lowe’s. You would think extremely toxic poison would do the trick. Think again. As I mentioned before, we STILL have two tree stumps in our yard. This is the moment when I had to contact Chop. They can remove all parts of the unwanted tree.

But if you actually like your trees and want to keep them, Chop can trim them up and make them look nice and healthy too. So if your husband is like mine, and just wants an excuse to use his chainsaw every once in a while to take down a tree, go ahead and let him. But have Chop’s number handy so they can do the rest of the job!

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