Changing Our Integrated Pest Management Program to Address Spruce Diseases

Our certified arborists at Chop have noticed several outbreaks of spruce disease on the properties we manage, so we have changed our integrated pest management program to address these new concerns.  The diseases we are seeing now are several kinds of needle cast, needle rust and cytospora canker. These diseases cause spruce ... More

Saving Trees Damaged By Storms

Carefully assess storm-damaged trees to determine which are worth saving and which are goners. Heavy storms rolled through many parts of Michigan this week and in a few areas even spawned tornadoes. As is often the case after severe weather outbreaks, one of the most common questions homeowners face is what to do with storm-damaged ... More

Tree Removal Services in Grand Rapids, MI

I currently have two tree stumps that have hijacked my otherwise beautiful lawn. Of course they started out looking like beautiful trees, but when their services and aesthetics weren’t needed anymore, and my husband cut them down, while their ugly lower, and more stubborn, halves were left to rot. However, tree stumps don’t really ... More

Grand Rapids Tree Service

Chop provides affordable and professional tree removal and pruning services to the greater Grand Rapids area. Our tree service specialists are highly qualified and trained in safety procedures. They will trim and remove your trees without risk of damage to you or your home. Why expose yourself to the risk of injury by attempting tree pruning ... More