Why Are My Evergreens Losing Their Needles?

Recently, we've received many phone calls from clients concerned about the amount of needles their evergreens have been losing this season. We're here to tell you there's no cause for alarm. This shedding is perfectly natural, as explained in this article by Gretchen Voyle of Michigan State University. If you have any further questions, ... More

Why is There Such Beautiful Fall Color in Michigan?

Michigan, a state of rolling hills and deciduous forests, is a wonderful place to be in early fall. Do you know why our trees put on such a brilliant show this time of year? Trees use sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugar to feed the tree in a process called photosynthesis. But when winter comes and there is less sunlight ... More

Do Trees Talk To Each Other?

Do trees talk to each other? For some people, even nature lovers, the idea is ludicrous, but recent results of certain scientific studies are changing the way researchers view plant communication. The idea that trees communicate with each other was explored decades ago, but the methodology of the first studies was strongly critic... More

How to Repair Downed and Damaged Trees in Kent County After a 2014 Tornado

On the night of July 7, 2014, an EF1-rated tornado blew through Kent County, leaving in its wake a significant amount of damaged trees and tree downage. It touched down near 64th Street and Burlingame Avenue, and was on the ground for 10 minutes and 6.25 miles. Fortunately, there were no deaths, but many homes and businesses were ... More

How Much Water Does a Young Tree Need? Consider the Following.

If you were one of the homeowners or tree enthusiasts who planted a tree this spring, you might be wondering now, in July, how much water that tree will need to make it through the hottest part of the annual cycle. Just how much water does a young tree need? Fortunately, drought is pretty rare in Michigan, and this year, with the slow ... More

Dealing With Maple Seedlings Everywhere? Here’s What To Do

This spring you may have noticed the explosion of maple seedlings in lawns, flower beds, sidewalk cracks and gutters. They're everywhere! Before the first mowing, many lawns looked like tiny green umbrella parties with the maple leaves shooting up just above the new blades of grass. Flower beds and other landscaping patches are ... More

Why Are Evergreens Brown this Spring? Ask an Arborist in Grand Rapids

This spring many homeowners are noticing that their conifers and spruces did not fare very well over the winter. They have brown patches of dead needles or even whole sections that are dead. Spruces are susceptible to certain pests and diseases, but in this case, we have winter to blame. Evergreens, unlike deciduous trees, do not ... More

Help Grand Rapids Plant Trees this Spring with the Urban Forest Project

Late winter and early spring is the best time to plant a tree in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a number of reasons. During the winter trees are dormant, and so transplanting them is the least harmful. Spring is also a wet period which means newly planted trees get plenty of moisture naturally without a lot of supplemental watering. The ... More

Remember to Inspect Your Trees After This Brutal Winter in Grand Rapids

A whiff of spring is finally in the air, and we Michiganders will finally have the opportunity to clear off our driveways and sidewalks, to gather up the branches that came down in snowstorms, and to assess the damage of winter. But while it's relatively simple to diagnose street condition by counting pot holes, it's not always immediately ... More

Excavator Removing Pine Tree

https://youtu.be/XPNe93wSzvI Just the other week, Timpson Transport, Inc. began construction on a new addition to our office. This called for removing the giant pines growing where the addition foundation will be built. Not learning from his first tree removal disaster, my Dad (John Timpson) thought the best course of action was to rip out ... More