5 Things You Should Know About Oak Tree Care During The Winter

Introduction Winter is coming, and with such a short time to prepare, you need all the help you can get to make sure your oak tree stays strong and healthy when the ice thaws and springtime comes.  But what exactly do you need to consider when caring for your oak tree? Things such as identifying the type of tree, understanding its ... More

How To Identify A Dead Tree

One of the best parts of spring is watching the seasonal deciduous trees begin to sprout with their new new green foliage. However, there may be one or two trees in your backyard or on your property that have you wondering. How do I tell if this tree is alive, dying, or dead? What causes a tree to die? Unfortunately, not all trees get ... More

do trees hibernate

Do Trees Hibernate In Winter?

Everyone notices in the fall when trees put on their spectacular leaf show in order to preserve their resources to make it through the long, rough winter they face. But when those leaves are gone and the trees are once again bare-branched, we don't think much about them. Unless there is an ice storm or a tree comes down on top of a ... More

Maple Tree Seeds: Everything You Need To Know

This spring you may have noticed the explosion of maple seedlings in lawns, flower beds, sidewalk cracks and gutters. They're everywhere! Before the first mowing, many lawns looked like tiny green umbrella parties with the maple leaves shooting up just above the new blades of grass. Flower beds and other landscaping patches are ... More